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Animal care depends on good science, and good science is produced by data driven by proper measurements. Light quality needs to be measured to ensure proper animal care, just like other environmental factors such as water quality and airflow.


Donate to ZLI, and we will send you spectra-radiometer kits to help you to advance the sciences of light and life for animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Every purchase helps to fund grants, and advances the ZLI Mission. All products are accompanied by in-house and manufacturer support services. Kits can also be tailored to specific applications, for terrestrial and aquatic research and monitoring alike.

You can donate online to ZLI using the links below, or send a completed
ZLI BETTER SWAG REQUEST FORM to Remember too… you can donate a Photometry Kit to the person or organization of your choice. Such generosity advances the care of animals and the health of our environment directly, by empowering people to help themselves through science.


ZLI Photo-Physiology Kit – High Sensitivity Range ($45,000 US)
For ultra-sensitive measurement, the ZLI Photo-Physiology Kit encourages research exploring the delicacy of internal and external luminous environments.

ZLI Photo-Physiology Kit – Broad Range ($32,000 US)
Different animals and biological processes are sensitive to an incredibly selective variety of light frequencies/wavelengths.  ZLI’s Photo-Physiology Kits cover a wide range across the spectrum, so that institutions caring for many different animal classes can produce proper assessments.

ZLI Integrative Ecology Kit – Comparative Research ($20,000 US)
Natural light is an integral part of organic life. ZLI was founded on the idea that light in a zoo or aquarium should be as similar to natural conditions as possible. Although there are many factors that need to be considered, including light shape and distribution,  natural light frequencies and intensity across the spectra should match indigenous conditions as far as possible, both night and day

ZLI Integrative Ecology Kit – Portable ($2500/unit)($20,000/10 Pack)
It is often said that the best camera is the one you have with you. This is also true for spectrometers in the field. This Kit provides guidance in setting up a light measurement program, offering seamless integration into maintenance and animal care programs.

ZLI Sensory Ecology Kit – Animal Coloration ($10,000 US)
Animal derive most pigments from food, and monitoring animal coloration therefore aids in monitoring health and fitness (and influences a wide range of activities such as breeding and social development). Animal Coloration includes light in the UV range, and so cannot be judged by the naked human eye. Measurements can be taken from living animals, or from discarded feathers and the like.

ZLI Sensory Ecology Kit – Visual Ecology ($8000 US)
Due to artificial lighting, the incidence of radiation upon animal eyes can vary greatly both in managed care and the wild. Measuring radiance and irradiance is an essential part of maintaining a healthier luminous environment in both cases.


ZLI’s Sustainable Color & Reflectance Control Kit ($10,000)
Preconfigured Colorimetry system for color measurements of solid samples, to ensure results match expectation. This is particularly important when considering the effects of light reflectance on insects and other UV sensitive animals, as such frequencies cannot be judged by the naked eye.

ZLI’s Architect’s Photometry Kit ($2800)
ZLI encourages all architects and building departments to account for biodiversity, and that means measuring and monitoring the wavelengths and distribution of light both in space and over time. Old lux meters simply won’t do.

The WaveGo portable spectrometer provides a wealth of information necessary for building professionals to asses the health and ecological impacts of artificial lighting, to ensure compliance with local ordinances and good sustainable practice in general. The additional bonus of an SQM and SolarPath Finder in this swag kit enable proper site assessments over time, necessary for an accurate pre-design understanding of lighting conditions.



ZLI Vet School Basic Animal Care Photometric Kit  ($12,000 US)
Light is not only a fundamental aspect of every living animal, variation in light absorption, reflectance and transmission of living tissues aids in diagnosing health, disease and fitness. Kit includes gear for microscopy diagnosis.

ZLI Core Curricula Photometric Kit ($4100 US)
As natural light is a vital and inseparable aspect of any living creature, biological and environmental studies are incomplete without photometry. Much like a first camera or computer opens up a new world, ZLI’s Core Curricula Photometric Kit gives students a hands-on and personal opportunity to learn light measurement fundamentals at a professional level.

ZLI Easy Photometric Citizen Science Kit ($2800 US)
Natural Light is a fundamental environmental component, and necessary to understand across S.T.E.M. topics such as biology, chemistry, ecology, physics, as well as within the creative and industrial arts (architecture, fashion, film, photography etc…). Each Kit provides one (1) portable Wave Illumination WaveGo, one (1) Sky Quality Meter and one (1) SolarPathfinder invaluable for K-12 Educational Programs.

Natural Light is vital for to all living things, yet instruments are necessary to measure it properly. Spectrometers, Solar PathFinders and Sky Quality Meters improve animal husbandry, and help to protect community environments from the devastating effects of artificial light at night.  As a Nonprofit, we offer products at comparable retail cost to our members, encouraging photometric data collection for all serious animal husbandry, biological, ecological and architectural work.

Every purchase helps to fund grants within the ZLI Mission, to improve the lives of animals and the health of our environments. All product acquisition through ZLI is accompanied by in-house support services, in accord with mission. All Kits can also be tailored to specific applications, for both terrestrial and aquatic research and monitoring.

ZLI is now an affiliate of BH Photo, meaning that if you buy your photo or video equipment from us, B&H Photo will help ZLI to support its scholarship programs and continue its charitable work to advance animal welfare and wildlife conservation! You can buy anything you want through the link below and it will aid us, but we suggest these particular items to make it easy.

Download ZLI Shop Photography Kits (PDF)



ZLI Bushnell Binoculars
Suitable for both night and day vision, the 4×50 Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Bi-ocular from Bushnell features a digital night vision sensor that is completely resistant to bright light and has an unlimited lifetime. The right objective aperture is dedicated to provide a single optical path for a bi-ocular viewing, while the left objective aperture houses a built-in infrared illuminator. The optics offer a notable 4x magnification that will keep image jitter low when you use this NVD as a handheld device. The 50mm objective allows your bi-ocular device to collect more light than an average device, which will further increase the brightness of your images and videos. If the ambient infrared from the moon and the stars doesn’t provide enough illumination, you can use a built-in infrared light to ensure your target’s visibility. With a variable output power, the infrared light source should add sufficient brightens to your targets. To offer versatility, the bi-ocular also has adjustable digital coarse focus and a video output.



The a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera from Sony offers an impressive blend of sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution, and speed to benefit a versatile multimedia workflow. Revolving around a full-frame 12.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor, the a7S II is capable of internal UHD 4K recording at 30 fps with full pixel readout as well as 1080p recording at up to 120 fps, all in the XAVC S format. For both stills and video recording, the BIONZ X image processor also pairs with the sensor to enable expanded sensitivity to ISO 409600, continuous shooting to 5 fps, and fast intelligent autofocus with low-light sensitivity to -4 EV.



Canon ME20F-SH Cinema Package
Canon has taken their powerful yet small ME20F-SH and combined it with a variety of accessories to create the ME20F-SH Cinema Package. The camera and included items make for a flexible and tantalizing camera package. Included in the accessories are a Zacuto Mini Baseplate, Atomos Shogun Flame, 240GB SanDisk SSD, Delvcam articulating arm, IDX Endura V-Mount battery system, HDMI cable, and 4-Pin XLR power cable. The camera itself is only a little bit larger than the full-frame sensor it houses, yet it captures Full HD with a rated ISO of over 4 million. It will capture up to 60p and features a locking Canon Cinema EF mount.

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