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Animal Husbandry and Wildlife Conservation

ZLI believes that the Sciences of Light and Life benefit when ex-situ research (study of an animal hosted in a zoo or aquarium for example) is pursued in conjunction with in-situ research (study of animals and their habitats in the wild for example).

Animal husbandry is improved through greater understanding of an animal’s habitat, and wildlife conservation is much more effective through close study of individuals. ZLI gathers research and current best practices in husbandry, conservation and science regarding light and life so that they can be improved upon. Although the resources below represent only a tiny fraction of available papers, they are intended to provide a starting point in the realm of Applied Photobiology for better animal care and conservation.

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Cetacean Photo-biological Research

Cetacean Husbandry Manuals

Cetacean Conservation Resources

Ursine Photo-biological Research

Ursine Husbandry Manuals

Ursine Conservation Resources

Insecta Photobiological Research

Insecta Husbandry Manuals

Insecta Conservation Resources

Elasmobranch Photo-biological Research

Elasmobranch Husbandry Manuals

Elasmobranch Conservation Resources

Chelonioidea Photo-biological Research

Chelonioidea Husbandry Manuals

Chelonioidea Conservation Resources

Aves Photo-biological Research

Aves Husbandry Manuals

Aves Conservation Resources

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