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ZLI Landing Party on Star Trek The Cruise V
Miami • Nassau • San Juan • Tortola • Miami

Join the ZLI Landing Party (using code ‘ZLI’) on Star Trek the Cruise V
& Discover Science through the Arts!

During this amazing opportunity to meet Star Trek Cast and the Star Trek Family, ZLI will host daily meet-ups.
Not only will we have a chance to build our community and grow together in a unique atmosphere,  Star Trek the Cruise V
connects us with an amazing group of artists, scientists, enthusiasts and simply wonderfully welcoming and diverse people.

Cabins sell out quickly, please book quickly if you wish to go.

Learn more about Star Trek the Cruise V and book your experience on the official web-site,
making sure to add The Zoological Lighting Institute or ZLI
when prompted to do so. Please also reach out to us at, and we will plan an amazing experience together.


Book Today to Join the ZLI (The Zoological Lighting Institute) Landing Party on the Star Trek Cruise.

AZA Mid-Year Meeting
The Living Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA

Join ZLI in conversation with AZA Members at the Annual Mid-year Meeting. This year, ZLI will present thoughts on the welfare and conservation of birds with regard to light and lighting, and maintain a table so that we can keep the conversation going! Register for the event here: The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is an amazing place, and we are looking forward to celebrating life with our colleagues.

International Firefly Symposium 2020 (17-20 June) in Parque Biologico Gaia, Portugal
Parque Biologico Gaia, Portugal

 Several ZLI Members will join the International Firefly Symposium, as we add bioluminescence to our Grant Program and Photo-Physiological Category as a key aspect of life and life. Looking forward to seeing old friends, made during our filming of BrilliantDarkness. Join us using the links below.

SICB 2021 Annual Meeting
Washington DC

 Join ZLI in advocating proper data-driven metrics within the biological sciences for animal welfare and wildlife conservation! ZLI will co-sponsor talks and events at this amazing and important conference, highlighting the importance of light in the lives of the animals we love. More to come soon, but please check out the SICB.ORG web-site and explore the work of our amazing partner.

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