The Zoological Lighting Institute will always be very grateful to our supporters, past and present. Contributions to The Zoological Lighting Institute may be made by talent, treasure or time. This is only a partial list of those who have supported us over the years, with deep apologies to any that might have been left off the published list but to whom we remain deeply in debt. Donations to The Zoological Lighting Institute can be made in terms of time, treasure and talent.


Advocate ($12)

Advocates are  leaders for ZLI in their communities. Support for Science through the Arts for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation takes a global series of villages to attain. Join us and lead your communities to a better future.


Individual ($100)

Individual Members in ZLI take the pledge to pursue the mission in their daily lives, and to celebrate the Sciences of Light and Life through the Arts all year round. Every Donation at the Individual Level aids ZLI in pursuing animal welfare and wildlife conservation in a focused way, and opens the door to ZLI Solstice and Equinox Events.

Current Donors at the Individual Level: Erica Jacobs, Daniel Malone, John Tokarczyk, Samantha Wegman, Kelly Jackson


Group/Family ($250)

Donors at the Group/Family Level take the next step, entering communities that seeks to empower others to pursue animal welfare and wildlife conservation through science. Group/Family Donations facilitate day and night trips to naturally lit and wildlife sensitive destinations.

Current Donors at the Group/Family Level: Anne Lewis PhD, Courtney Waring


Premier ($1000)

Premier Donations build conversations around the importance of the ZLI Mission. Whether it is related to animal care in an aquarium, zoo or museum, or regarding the impact of artificial night lighting or other wildlife-insensitive modifications of the natural luminous environment, questions posed to  The Zoological Lighting Institute will be addressed with respect and understanding.

Current Donors at the Premier Level: Stavros Basis, Fujinuma Fujiwara, Travis Longcore PhD, Mang Ling Tan SAG, Christine Sheppard PhD, Lira Luis AIA RIBA, Cincinnati Zoo, Georgia Aquarium, London Zoological Society.


Illuminati ($10,000+)

ZLI Illuminati in the know help ZLI to make decisions as to how best attain the mission. An Illuminati Donation of time, talent or treasure is invaluable to the organization, signalling a level of commitment and desire for improved animal welfare and wildlife conservation done in the right way. Illuminati are invited on special ZLI trips, as a way to build global network support leading to a better future for all.

Current Donors at the Illuminati Level: Linda Henry PhD (2014-2018), Emily Driscoll (2013-2018), Misa Kimura (2015-2018), Marc Branham PhD (2015-2108), Nobuaki Ochi (2015-2018), Dr. Ken Yeang PhD RIBA (2015-2018), Sonke Johnsen PhD (2016-2018), Brett Seymoure PhD (2016-2018), Susan Goodridge Walsh (2016-2017), Jeremy Kasile Goldberg (2016-2018), Kei Isshiki (2016-2018), Jeff Lamie MBA (2016-2018), Hazel Sangalang (2016-2018), Kanako Tomisawa PhD (2016-2018), James McEachen (2016-2018), Joseph M. Rohde (2016-2018), Dan e-Nielson PhD (2017-2018), Avalon Owens (2017-2018), Audrey Palombo McQuagge (2017-2018), Vanessa Pirrotti PhD (2017-2018), Adeliene Seah PhD (2017-2018), Warren Te Brugge, (2018), David Irwin AIA (2018), Timothy Landers MBA, (2018), Wei Ying Wong PhD (2018), David J Matthews AIA (2012-2015), Serena Chen (2012-2013), Susan Toriuchi (2013-2016), Martin Stevens PhD (2015-2017), Stephen Villante (2015-2018).


Patronus ($100,000+)

Donors at the Patronus Level lead from the heart, committing their all to lead our very crucial mission. Contribute as a Patronus to travel the globe with purpose. We seek to understand the nuances of the many biological, cultural and psychological relationships of light to life, with the intent of improving wildlife conservation and animal welfare for human community well being. Donors at this level will be treated to participation in a PhotoDiversity film shoot according to our filming schedules, one of our dedicated natural light tours, and offered naming rights to a ZLI Scholarship of their choosing (Animal Welfare or Wildlife Conservation).

Current Donors at the Patronus Level:  James Karl Fischer PhD, (2012-2018).

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