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ZLI’s Photo-Sciences Department

ZLI light monitoring stations in aquariums, zoos, science museums and ‘in the field’ will revolutionize animal care and wildlife conservation. Data-driven science leads to better decisions, healthier animals and improved wildlife conservation.

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ZLI’s Film & Media Department

ZLI's PhotoDiversity Documentaries, Features and PSA's create and connect engaged audiences around the themes of animals and light. Engagement fosters empathy for life, healtier living and community pride in the accomplishments this enables.

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ZLI’s Sustainable Design Department

ZLI's Sustainable Design Department fosters creative solutions to living with wildlife naturally. Spanning fashion, product, light and architectural design, the Sustainable Design Department seeks partnerships with the creative fields to protect the natural luminous environment, and to help people escape the anxieties that prevent it.

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ZLI’s Education Department

ZLI Education empowers empathy for animals and wildlife. Education is the first defense against poverty, extinction and climate change. ZLI Education offers coursework at the K12, Adult and Professional levels, to change the world properly.

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