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ZLI's Film and Media Department serves as the catalyst for the Institute and its mission. PhotoDiversity™ productions pursue scientific, cultural and environmental questions regarding light and life.

ZLI’s Film & Media Department utilizes media to create touchstones to ‘Support Science through the Arts for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation.’ We seek to create:

1. Campaign Based Documentaries
2. Narrative/Art Explorations of Light and
3. Public Service Announcements Related to the ZLI Mission.

ZLI coined the term ‘PhotoDiversity™’, a concept originally related to the biologically-necessary diversity of natural light.  Now, ZLI also emphasizes the term to recognize diversity as fundamental to successful application of the scientific method. Multiple perspectives grounded in science, but stemming from different quarters, allow for better and non-dogmatic questions to be raised. As a concept, PhotoDiversity™ is fundamental to all ZLI does; and it is a strict guideline for ZLI’s Film and Media Productions.

Featured Projects

PhotoDiversity Films Documentaries create narrative documentaries based in ZLI Campaigns, engaging communities around the globe. Currently, six are in pre-production. These build upon the success ZLI had in producing Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night. Current Productions include:

      Beached: Adjusting to Death (Japan / New Zealand)
      Bearanoia: Denial at the Crossroads (Sitka, Alaska)
      Insect Apocalypse: A Hungry Light (Japan / Thailand)
      Otohime’s Time: A Sea Turtle’s Phenology (Japan/USA)
      Precious Light: Sharks in a Fertile Light (USA/Singapore)
      Save a Billion Birds! Buildings & Borders (Global)

PhotoDiversity Feature Films seek to build empathy through animated folk-tales, giving narrative expression to the various Campaigns. The proposed suite of films include trilogies (horror, comedy and romance) based in international works, derived from with Japanese, Chinese and Native American literatures.  Current Productions Include:

      Tears of the Moon (A Horror Adaptation of The Moon Princess)
      The Crane Wives (A Comic Adaptation of The Crane Wife)
      Urashima Bound (A Tragic Romance based upon Urashima Taro)

Short ‘Research Snippets’ summarize ongoing ZLI Framework Research, to advance the ZLI PhotoSciences Department and create appreciation for its value. Current Productions Include:

ZLI Framework Film (Title tbd.)

Art Films:
This segment emphasizes attention to natural light phenomena in film research format, having reference in the ‘Lumia’ projects of Thomas Wilfred and Moholy Nage, as well as complex technical arts that raise awareness of light as an object of study; such as holography, virtual reality and cross-sensory modality exploration.

Independent Media:
These align with ZLI educational programs, and include youth, independent and professional subjects.

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