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ZLI's Film and Media Department serves as the catalyst for the Institute and its mission. Productions in partnership with PhotoDiversity Films LLC pursue scientific, cultural and environmental questoins regarding light and life.

ZLI’s Film & Media Department recognizes the importance of media to create touchstones in our mission, to ‘Support Science through the Arts for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation.’  The ‘Arts’ we pursue here are Documentaries, Features, Advertising, Publication and Social Media, but also include support for traditional in person forms of culturally important performance art and an annual PhotoDiversity Film Festival, geared towards supporting others to produce works related to the environments of light. Each has their vital role to play.

PhotoDiversity, a concept related to the biologically-necessary diversity of natural light and the impact it has on biodiversity as a form of habitat, is also the name of the associated for-profit entity ‘PhotoDiversity Films.’ It also relates to the notion that diversity is important within the scientific method, as multiple grounded perspectives allow for better and non-dogmatic questions to be raised.


Featured Projects

Scope of Work

Documentaries: PhotoDiversity Films Documentaries establish our presence in communities around the globe.

Features: PhotoDiversity Feature Films seek to build empathy through the adaptation of folk-stories suitable to a specific division of ZLI’s Educational Institute.

Social Media: Short ‘Research Snippets’ summarize ongoing PhD Research in photobiology, to advance the Educational Programs of ZLI. Attention will also be given to successful Land Conservancy Acquisitions, as well as to product development adverting.

Art Films: This segment emphasizes attention to natural light phenomena in film research format, having reference in the ‘Lumia’ projects of Thomas Wilfred and Moholy Nage, as well as complex technical arts that raise awareness of light as an object of study; such as holography, virtual reality and cross-sensory modality exploration.

Publications: These align with ZLI educational programs, and include youth, independent and professional subjects.

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