Wildlife needs starlight and moonlight to survive, but as people experience the natural world less and less this relationship has become poorly understood. For millennia, different cultures and people built their understanding of the world through their own interpretations of night. These connections have become remote, and yet have the potential to open incredible pathways for science, art, and sustainable community development.

ZLI’s Wild Planetarium Project presents K-12 S.T.E.A.M. courses in ecology and traditional astronomies to children of all backgrounds, as a way to develop cultural and environmental sensitivity. The Project brings Portable Planetariums to schools, community centers and will when funded, be a feature of our own PhotoDiversity Centers. Stressing the importance of animals in science, art and the environment, ZLI’s Wild Planetarium Project stresses diversity because as we say ‘Nights are Different’. The Project is a key feature of our Education Department and
an important part of our work to advocate improved animal welfare and wildlife conservation initiatives. ZLI programs seek to maximize the good that we can do together. Join us by helping to fund the Planetarium Project or by reserving a course for kids in your school. Together we can bring nature back to earth under stars.

Donate today to join this work. We estimate that every Portable Planetarium we are able to purchase will enable us to teach the values of science and diversity to at least a hundred children a week.

Partner with ZLI during out 2018 Annual Appeal and help others discover nature at night.

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