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Borderless Science Saves Birds


Save a Billion Birds™ supports research in the photobiology, sensory ecology and macro-ecology of birds, offering ‘Send a Songbird™‘ programs to protect birds from major threats in our homes and communities.

Natural light is incredibly important to all life on the planet, and birds are no exception. Whether hunting on the fly, or migrating thousands of kilometers across the years, birds depend on natural light (both day and night) to survive. Save a Billion Birds™ reconnects our understanding of birds to light so that we might better care for these beautiful animals and protect the environments that depend upon them.

Save a Billion Birds™ stresses ‘borderless conservation’ in accord with ZLI’s diversity, engagement and inclusion mandate. We recognize that a migratory bird taken from the environment in the north (by window glass, habitat loss, pesticides or other factors), is taken from their southern homes. The science that informs bird photobiology also recognizes that the cultural and environmental importance of birds is international. We seek communities act on the science we support and, to ‘Send a Songbird’ back to the rainforest, as has happened over the course of millennia. New research takes time, but there is an urgency to act now on the research that is already available. Every person in every country, young or old, can help, if they wish to protect birds.

Save a Billion Birds™ began as an attempt to mitigate the most direct bird killing substance: exposed window glass. At least one in ten birds die by flying into bird-killing glass windows. One by one, the numbers add up to over an astounding one billion birds every single year. Save a Billion Birds™ believes that every single bird is important, and that no life should be taken without cause. Fixing bird-killing glass is an imperative, and can be achieved by any institution regardless of finances by responsible planning and action based in science.

How to Support ‘Save a Billion Birds™’:

PhotoSciences (Fund or Pursue Research)
Research Programs
Research Lab / Endowed Professorship

Film & Media (Donate/Invest/Sponsor the PhotoDiversity Documentaries ‘Golondrinas™’ & ‘Mejiro™‘)

Golondrinas™’ & ‘Mejiro™‘ track migrating birds from the southern to northern hemispheres in the Americas and Asia, respectively, stressing that local acts can have effects on distant people. These films raise the alarm that actions to protect birds from glass windows is urgent, and that necessary personal actions that come late, might be too late.

A scientific documentary to explore the fascinating world of avian photobiology, these films are suitable for educational markets as well as wildlife education and cultural heritage venues. Embracing a diversity, inclusion and engagement ethic, the film considers international perspectives on birds, and the many ways that people celebrate and identify with these iconic animals.

Advance Purchase ‘Golondrinas™’ & ‘Mejiro™
Advance Screening Purchase ‘Golondrinas™’ & ‘Mejiro™’

Sustainable Design (Live Sustainably with Birds)
Wildlife Sensitive Design (Master Planning, Facility Re-Design)
Sustainable Fashion, Proceeds to Support Avian Research
Invest in/Purchase Sustainable Products

Education (Explore the World of Birds Responsibly)
Migration Tours
Birdwatching Excursions
Send a Songbird Marketing and Programs

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