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Healthy Lives Need Healthy Oceans & Healthy Sharks


Precious Light of Nature™ supports research that focuses on biological health related to light. Since all life began in the sea, and as we humans as terrestrial animals carry our sea with them in the form of body fluids (Whikehart (2003)), Precious Light looks to animal eyes and other light sensitive organs and their relationships to hormones. Natural light is vital to health and fitness. Precious Light of Nature pursues program goals and partners directly aligned with medical and physical well being.

Precious Light of Nature™  adopts sharks and rays (Elasmobranchii) as its ambassadors, but supports research into the extended photo-biology of the eye for all classes of animals. We are particularly keen  to explore insights from traditional Chinese medicine and modern bio-photon research that looks at relationships between organs and ‘senses’, rather than of organs themselves, as a way too to encourage wildlife conservation as a public health issue in the communities that depend on sharks the most. Our current feature project seeks to add photobiology researchers to a crucial research on Sand Tiger Shark Reproduction, in partnership with SEZARC.

How to Support ‘Precious Light of Nature™’:

PhotoSciences (Fund or Pursue Research)
Research Projects
Research Lab / Endowed Professorship

Film & Media (Donate/Invest/Sponsor the PhotoDiversity Documentary ‘Sharks in a Sensual Light’)

Sharks in a Sensual Light is a beautiful scientific documentary set to explore the photobiology of sharks, the role of natural light in reproductive health. Life on earth originated in the sea, and we land animals carry our ocean with us in our body fluids and chemistry. Yet even from its origins in the depths of the ocean, organic life is inseparable from the delicate cycles of natural light.
Running time 44min.

Advance Purchase ‘Sharks in a Sensual Light’
Advance Screening Purchase ‘Sharks in a Sensual Light’

Sustainable Design (Live Sustainably for Sharks and Rays)
Wildlife Sensitive Design (Lighting, Architecture, Engineering)
Sustainable Fashion, Proceeds to Support Photo-medical Research
Invest in/Purchase Sustainable Products for Sharks

Education (Visit Sharks Responsibly)
Join an ‘Precious Light of Nature Health’ Tour
Host, Sponsor or Participate in ‘Shark Yoga’  Events
Host, Sponsor or Participate in ‘Sensual Eye Dining Parties’

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