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Insects Feed the Poor


Insect Apocalypse™ supports entomological research across photobiology, sensory ecology and macro-ecology sciences. It  connects a familiar environmental disaster, the dramatic and horrifying decline of insect species around the globe, with an equally familiar humanitarian one: world hunger. Recognizing growing concerns over the debilitating impacts of artificial lighting on insect populations, Insect Apocalypse™ seeks service through science.

Insect Apocalypse™  supports entomological research and advances critical thinking through the arts, for open dialogue on the appropriateness of initiatives to conserve wild populations. Scientific research supported by Insect Apocalypse™ aids in the constant improvement of strategies necessary for living more productively with wildlife in all settings. The Campaign celebrates the differences between insect eyes and our own, as a symbolic gesture to inspire the diversity, inclusion and engagement ethic that The Zoological Lighting Institute embraces.

How to Support ‘Insect Apocalypse™’:

PhotoSciences (Fund or Pursue Research)
Research Programs
Research Lab / Endowed Professorship

Film & Media (Donate/Invest/Sponsor the PhotoDiversity Documentary ‘Insect Apocalypse’)

“Insect Apocalypse™” recounts the familiar effects of pesticides and habitat loss on insect species, but recognizes new scientific research that points to artificial light pollution as a significant factor behind the Insect Apocalypse. Exploring the fascinating world of insect photobiology and incredibly bizarre insect eyes in macroscopic detail, Insect Apocalypse offers a new view into what it is to see and be seen at the end of all things. Embracing a diversity, inclusion and engagement ethic, the film considers different international perspectives on hunger, service and the cycles of life. 

Advance Purchase ‘Insect Apocalypse™’
Advance Screening Purchase ‘Insect Apocalypse™’

Sustainable Design (Live Sustainably for Insects)
Wildlife Sensitive Design (Lighting, Architecture, Engineering)
Sustainable Fashion, Proceeds to Support Entomological Research
Invest in/Purchase Sustainable Products

Education (Watch Insects Responsibly)
Plant a Night Garden
Responsible Firefly Tours
Follow the Monarch Tours


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