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Fight Anxiety, Not Science


Bearanoia™ supports research in the photobiology, sensory ecology and macro-ecology of bears, emphasizing seasonal and habitat adaptations, along with the relationships of such adaptation to anxiety. Such anxieties include (valid or hysterical) human perceptions about bears, but also factors of stress resulting from undue separation from ‘natural’ habitat conditions. The purpose of this pursuit is to advance science according to the ZLI Mission and Framework, and to progressively advance science via courageous self-critique.

Open scientific critique that confronts anxiety directly aids both in the constant improvement of bear welfare in aquariums, sanctuaries and rehabilitation center, as well as for wild bears pressured by human development. Stereotypical bear rocking for example, might be described as a natural response to an unnatural historical set of circumstances, and top predators living near human communities face conditions that will affect their physiology, sensory ecology and ecological interactions, as well as humans in contact with them. Bearanoia™ has as its main purpose supporting and advancing scientific understanding, with particular emphasis on how developing scientific understanding finds a place in the communities that should benefit most from it.

How to Support ‘Bearanoia™’:

PhotoSciences (Fund or Pursue Research)
Research Programs
Research Lab / Endowed Professorship

Film & Media (Donate/Invest/Sponsor the PhotoDiversity Documentary ‘Bearanoia‘)

Bearanoia presents a cutting scientific documentary to explore themes of anxiety in dealing with top predators. Long an icon of climate change awareness, polar bears have adjusted to living in closer proximity to human communities than ever before. The resiliency of the species brings not only change for scientists trying to understand these top predators, but also to communities needing to learn safe co-existence with these necessary and amazing animals. Running time 44min.

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Sustainable Design (Live Sustainably for Bears)
Wildlife Sensitive Design (Lighting, Architecture, Engineering)
Sustainable Fashion, Proceeds to Support Whale/Dolphin Research
Invest in/Purchase Sustainable Products

Education (Visit Bears Responsibly)
Join an Educational  Tour
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Press Releases

ZLI 2020 Bearanoia Press Release (12 May)


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